9 Ways to Spring Clean Your Love Life …


9 Ways to Spring Clean Your Love Life …

Now that it’s definitely spring, you’ve probably thought about spring cleaning your house and your wardrobe, but have you scheduled spring cleaning for your love life? Spring has completely new love rules, so it’s time to banish the winter blues and clean out your baggage…

1. Stop hibernating!

Photo Credit: Ronak

Come out of the dark place you’ve been hiding for 6 months! While cold weather, jumpers and thick soup probably haven’t filled you with confidence, it’s time to get ready for spring, so ditch any old clothes and go and get some new spring dresses, skirts and heels. And get a wax, and a haircut… might as well have a full revamp, right?

2. Exercise

Photo Credit: Ronak

Finding confidence isn’t easy, but it is vital. Go for gold and start playing a sport for at least half an hour a week. You’ll get a feel-good rush, which will boost your confidence instantly! You could try tennis, swimming or running… the world is your oyster!

3. Go Outside!

Photo Credit: Ronak

Sun exposure boosts your mood, and makes you feel much happier. And it’s proven that happier people are much more attractive, so grab your dog, your neighbour’s dog, or just go on your own and enjoy the sunshine! You never know who you might meet….

4. Comfort Zone

Photo Credit: Ronak

Do you always go for geeks, sporty men, or cat owners? Mix it up a bit, and let go of your judgements with your baggage. Give someone completely different a chance, and see where it goes. Your checklist of the ideal man might be badly out of date…

5. Stop Looking

Photo Credit: Ronak

Go out and have fun! It’s true, the best relationships start when neither party is looking, so arrange some days out (at parks, near football matches?) and go have fun. There is nothing sexier than a girl looking happy and having fun!

6. Go for it!

Photo Credit: Ronak

Make the first move. Ask him out, kiss him first, confess your feelings, mention a night away. Confidence is sexy, and once you’ve let go of all your baggage and past hurts, you should be ready to try again. So don’t be afraid to go for it!

7. Let Go

Woman dancing on beach
Photo Credit: Ronak

Get over your past breakups, leave exes in the past, and get rid of anything that reminds you of them. If you are meant to be together, you will be, but moping is just a waste of your time. And who knows who could be walking past while you are thinking about the past? Live in the future, and relax in the knowledge that what will be will be.

8. Network

Photo Credit: Ronak

Be a social butterfly, and do different things with different people. Join a walking group, meet new people, hang out with di


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