Is this Kate Winslet’s new boyfriend?

Photo by: CH1VSC/Xposure/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/21/10 Kate Winslet at the Orange British Academy Film Awards. (London, England)

Kate Winslet, Louis Dowler dating?

Or are they just “good” friends? Heck, Kate Winslet ditched her husband just four months ago, but there’s nothing wrong with becoming good friends with a sexy piece of a man…especially if he is a hot, young model who looks so damn hot you could cook an egg on his rock hard torso, right?

Well we’re hearing that despite her split from her hubby Sam Mendes, Kate has been seeking solice and console from a friend named Louis Dowle, who just so happens to be a British model with washboard abs, Justin Bieber hair and a dazzling smile.

If there’s any other good to have come out of her marriage to Mendes besides her Oscar and her kiddos, it’s being introduced to this fine piece of a man.

On Louis and Kate’s relations, a source said, “They’ve been on lots of dates and get on really well. It’s early days for them but they enjoy each other’s company. Louis has a good sense of humor and really is a lovely guy. He loves to surf and he’s really quite engaging and very down-to-earth. He’s a good looking guy and gets lots of attention when he’s out and about – but he’s not your typical model. Not at all big-headed.”

If this is Kate’s rebound, I say…go on with your bad self, girlfriend!


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