Dev Patel not marrying Freida Pinto


Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel has dismissed claims he is planning to marry girlfriend Freida Pinto.

The 20-year-old actor starred in the Danny Boyle-directed film alongside Pinto, 25, where their love blossomed.

Patel said to UK newspaper The Sun: “It is weird now because every day when I am filming I get a call from Mum, and she says: ‘So I hear you are getting engaged now?’

“We always laugh about these things. The last rumour I heard was that me and Freida were looking for a wedding cake in LA. Then we were going to fly it down to India to have our wedding there.”


Britney Spears Fans Are Gonna Be Happy


“Britney fans are gonna be so happy in few weeks.”

Why? We can’t say. But these are the words recently uttered by one of her producers, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, on Ustream. He’s been writing for her, as well as Beyonce. Might there be a new offering from the pop star soon?

It’s been almost two years since Britney Spears released her comeback album Circus, for which she also toured much of the planet, and fans have been clamoring for any hint that she’s getting ready to follow it up ever since.

Is new Britney Spears music finally upon us?

Either that, or Darkchild was just referring to a bunch of images like this one. Girl just can’t remember to put a bra on before leaving the house, bless her heart …

Celebrity Hair Affair: Angelina Jolie


Whether it’s the drug photos from her dark past, the motives behind her humanitarian work or her life with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie seems to attract controversy.

Here, we’ll talk about something less controversial: Her hair!

The sexy Salt star recently mixed things up by adding a little flavor to her long hair with soft bangs. Do you like the change? Or prefer her more traditional look?

Breaking News Angelina Jolie Almost Died Last Year?


ANGELINA Jolie was hospitalized last year and almost died — according a shocking new report.

Author Ian Halperin – who wrote the book Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — claims the superstar was forced to seek medical attention due to her extreme depression.

“She was extremely fatigued, confused and depressed,” a source said. “It was all kept hush hush. Angelina battled severe depression for months when it all came to a boil. It appeared she was going to die.

“She had lost complete control of herself. It’s amazing she’s still around today. I love her and wish her the best. She’s always had a big heart and likes a good laugh. I hope she finally has it all together.”

The insider also revealed that there have been many concerns recently about Angelina’s skeletal figure.

“Some feel she’s anorexic,” the source said. “Certainly, she’s lost a lot of weight. If she drops more weight she’ll be just skin and bone.”

Kristen Stewart Had to Play Her ‘Twilight’ Character Right, Or Else


Kristen Stewart know from the very beginning that she’d have to play her Twilight character Bella Swan just right, or else she’d disappoint zillions of fans who fell in love with the books before the movies hit theaters. She certainly felt the pressure to get Stephenie Meyer’s characters right, and now, even after three films have come out, she’s still feeling it.

She said: “It’s just surreal to be a crucial part of a machine like this. I’m sort of the vessel. These girls are obsessed with Edward through me. If I wasn’t right I’d be persecuted and put on a cross.”

However, the actress revealed that she loves her character and can’t wait to film the last two movies in the series, which are based on the final book Breaking Dawn. She said: “I’m excited to go and do the next couple of years of Bella’s life.”

The beauty also explained that was excited to make upcoming movie The Runaways, a biopic about rocker Joan Jett in which she stars alongside Dakota Fanning, and rushed to make it between Twilight movies. She said: “It was tough because I only had a really tiny window of free time, but I really wanted to make the movie. And I didn’t want to get any older than Joan was when she was in The Runaways. I just crammed it in and hoped it would work.”

Inception Beats Out Schmucks, Tops Box Office Again


Making for another tight battle for the top spot at the box office, it appears as if “Inception” will be king of the theaters for yet another week.

Making for the third consecutive week as the top earner, estimates place Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page’s “Inception” at a total of $26 million.

Meanwhile, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd’s “Dinner For Schmucks” was close behind at $23 million, edging out Angelina Jolie’s CIA thriller “Salt,” which made roughly $19 million.

On a side note, Zac Efron and Amanda Crew’s just-released film “Charlie St. Cloud” has landed in the sixth slot with $12 million, being outpaced by “Cats & Dogs 3D: Kitty Galore” and “Despicable Me”.

Salma Hayek and Francois Pinault: Shopping with Valentina


Ever the adorable trio, Salma Hayek was spotted enjoying a weekend shopping session alongside husband Francois-Henri Pinault and daughter Valentina Pinault in Century City, California on Saturday (July 31).

Recuperating from an injured foot, the “Frida” actress was bandaged up as she held onto her French businessman hubby’s arm while easing inside the local Mac store.

In related news, Miss Hayek recently dished her secret to looking oh-so-fabulous at the age of 43 – as she credits her routine juice detox delivery system called Cooler Cleanse.

Of keeping up with her healthiness, she tells, “I’ve been doing juice cleanses for 15 years. If I’ve been indulging in rich foods, a cleanse is a wonderful way to hit the reset button.”

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