Breaking News Angelina Jolie Almost Died Last Year?


ANGELINA Jolie was hospitalized last year and almost died — according a shocking new report.

Author Ian Halperin – who wrote the book Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — claims the superstar was forced to seek medical attention due to her extreme depression.

“She was extremely fatigued, confused and depressed,” a source said. “It was all kept hush hush. Angelina battled severe depression for months when it all came to a boil. It appeared she was going to die.

“She had lost complete control of herself. It’s amazing she’s still around today. I love her and wish her the best. She’s always had a big heart and likes a good laugh. I hope she finally has it all together.”

The insider also revealed that there have been many concerns recently about Angelina’s skeletal figure.

“Some feel she’s anorexic,” the source said. “Certainly, she’s lost a lot of weight. If she drops more weight she’ll be just skin and bone.”


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