SmartFish Technologies’ Engage Keyboard automatically adjusts to your hands


Since most people use their computers on a daily basis for long time intervals, there’s always a need for ergonomic keyboards, and if that’s what you’re looking for your computer, this keyboard might be the right one for you.

This keyboard was shown at CES 2010, and back then, it was called ErgoMotion keyboard, but now this keyboard is called SmartFish Technologies’ Engage Keyboard. Unlike other ergonomic keyboards on the market that offer different key layouts, SmartFish Technologies’ Engage Keyboard is using QWERTY layout, and it even has a built in motor inside. This motor periodically adjusts the position of two halves of this keyboard and their tilt as well. That way, with the periodical keyboard adjustment you’ll ensure that your hands and wrists are in natural position and you’ll minimize chance of injury at the same time. 


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